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Accueil > Projets > Use cases > Rollout in Kenya

Rollout in Kenya

Rollout in Vihiga County, Kenya, as part of a consortium project to study the scientific and technological feasibility of food security and soil carbon sequestration.
R&D IT & agro


  • Itk – Climate-smart agronomic expertise
  • Airbus – Satellite Imaging and Image Processing
  • GE-DATA – Generates geospatial agricultural statistics from satellite images
  • LocateIT – Specialises in location-based services.
R&D IT & agro


R&D IT & agro


  • Integration of various satellite image sources
  • Rollout to approximately 2000 producers at start-up
  • Collecting as much data as possible on practices on the plots to see how technical itineraries could be improved and calibrate agronomic models
hectares suivis

Extension agents trained

producteurs utilisateurs de l'application

Producers supported

cultures suivies

Hectares digitised

Description of the mission

FieldSim was chosen as the reference field tool for this project.

FieldSim enabled producers and plots to be identified in record time and was ready for the start of the 2021 long-rain season to send the first agronomic recommendations by SMS in Swahili.

FieldSim tracked 2,000 producers in the target wards of Vihiga County during the long-rain and short-rain seasons.

Besides providing personalised advice per plot thanks to the digitisation of the technical itineraries for maize in FieldSim, the tool was also linked with agronomic and carbon models to provide crop advisors with additional indicators on their tablets.

Its new indicators enable crop advisors to provide better advice by letting them simulate the impact of practices on yield and carbon sequestration at the level of individual plots.

The KILIMO project aims to:

  • Eradicate hunger, ensure food security
  • Increase the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural maize
  • Facilitate the work of Kenyan farmers on their small farms through technology transfer and skills exchange
  • Support the development of agro-ecological practices in maize production through satellite observation and agronomic modelling
  • Apply climate-smart technologies to agriculture through real-time carbon monitoring
  • The KILIMO project is supported by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, which co-finances the export of French green technologies


Nitrogen: Control and reduce the flow of nitrogen inputs. Optimise the use of nutrient solutions in maize.


Soil health: Monitor the daily carbon and nitrogen cycle, including soil carbon sequestration capacities.


Satellite imagery: Remotely monitor fields to provide practical, farm-specific information.


Productivity: Maintain yields and support sustainability to improve farmers’ quality of life.



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