Management support solution to facilitate cooperation
between farmers and agricultural supply chains

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Accueil > Solutions > FieldSim

FieldSim is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to help you make your agricultural supply chains more sustainable across a whole region. Dedicated to agriculture and the environment, FieldSim combines three levels of services: sector management, advice and decision support.

Schéma Fieldsim

Technical support for producers

FieldSim can digitise technical itineraries by crop and define what actions are recommended to accompany the farmer and organise daily tasks as efficiently as possible.

  • Data on actions taken is collected by field workers or taken from SMS messages sent by the producer (local language)
  • Geolocation of plots and producers in the region to improve monitoring
  • Daily calculation of the best technical itinerary plot by plot (cultivation practices, weather forecasts, agronomic models, etc.)
  • Visualisation of technical itineraries
  • Identify producers’ needs according to the condition of the plots
  • Configurable weather reports, received by SMS

Real-time crop monitoring

  • Campaign and season management
  • Real-time management and monitoring of field workers’ activity
  • Dashboards to monitor the crop season at different levels of the region (number of producers, surface area of cultivated plots, etc.)
  • Identify producers’ needs according to the state of the plots
  • Meteorological dashboards

Supply chain control

  • End-of-season dashboards
  • Traceability of purchases
  • Monitoring distribution of agricultural inputs and equipment
  • Monitoring carbon indicators at plot and regional level
  • Managing collection logistics
  • Mobile payment for producers
  • Biometric and geo-referenced traceability of collected data

Why choose FieldSim?

Accessible to all

Easy to use,
ergonomic & intuitive tools

Simple applications, real-time easy-to-understand control data

  • Provides business intelligence dashboards for monitoring specific data and improving performance
  • Field information feedback and easy access to data by simple text message

Deployed as SaaS

24/7 access for real-time communication

Centralized, geo-referenced, reliable and up-to-date data

  • Data accessible from the web or the mobile/tablet application
  • Displayed on different maps or dashboards for real-time viewing of data and graphics, downloading of reports and carrying out analyses.


Suits all types of organisation
(agribusinesses, cooperatives, federations, NGOs, governments, etc.)

Data available for each profile:

  • Extension agents can access all the information on their farmer groups and modify the data.
  • All users can search, filter, download and modify data according to their access rights.
  • Communication between the different actors

Full connectivity

Connected/disconnected mode
for all types of network:

Mobile or tablet application

Field workers can enter data (producer, plot geolocation, cultivation practices, etc.) directly in the application with or without an Internet connection



Ragoudwa OTIENO


« Je peux plus facilement communiquer avec les agriculteurs et leur fournir des recommandations en temps réel, pendant la saison. L’application m’aide à mettre en place des méthodes de conduite personnalisées tout en atteignant plus d’agriculteurs, plus efficacement »

Ragoudwa OTIENO


« I can more easily communicate with farmers and provide real-time recommendations throughout the season. The app helps me implement customized driving methods while reaching more farmers, more efficiently. »