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Accueil > Projets > Use cases > Rollout in France

Rollout in France

Rollout in France with company Osmia to manage its plot-level pollination service business aimed at increasing yields and improving the quality of agricultural production.
R&D IT & agro



R&D IT & agro


R&D IT & agro


Adapting FieldSim specifically to Osmia’s business:

  • Monitoring field operations

  • Visualisation and optimal positioning of shelters based on the radius of activity of osmiine bees.

hectares suivis

Extension agents trained

producteurs utilisateurs de l'application

Producers supported

cultures suivies

Hectares digitised

Description of the mission

In this project, e-tumba demonstrated its ability to offer tailored solutions in line with its philosophy of co-constructing solutions with its partners.

FieldSim was enhanced with new features specific to Osmia’s business:

  • Digitisation of operations related to Osmia’s business activity (installation of shelters, delivery of bees)
  • Observation report: key phenological stages in the pollination phase
  • Precise positioning of the shelters on the plot for optimal pollination yield

Following the resounding success of the first pilot project, new functions will be added in the future to further improve Osmia’s highly specific management skills related to its business activity.

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