The new agricultural input

E-TUMBA is your digital partner offering expert consulting services and all the simple, effective and unique web and mobile tools to facilitate advice, decision support, producer management and technical support in all agricultural sectors.

The problem

Climate change and declining agricultural yields are the most pressing issues facing African farmers today.

These problems put them at the forefront of the search for new and innovative solutions that can help them work more efficiently in a competitive manner and always in line with environmental and social sustainability.

The solution

Producers and technicians can use digital tools through mobile technologies to proactively obtain timely and relevant information on crop condition rather than following generic and theoretical predefined guides.

Our solution is to generate and disseminate timely, individualized agronomic information at the plot level for African farmers to help them better understand the condition of their crops and adapt their interventions and inputs accordingly.

The strategy

Sustainable agriculture requires taking into account a diversity of factors (climate, soil, crop, cultivation practices, water, energy).  These factors are coupled with human activity which is not always consistent with the concept of sustainability.

Our strategy is to design an advanced and intelligent agricultural decision support platform integrating mechanistic agronomic models that simulate the growth and development of crops on a daily basis.

Our vision

For us, supporting agricultural development in developing countries means working with stakeholders in the field to co-construct tools and expertise that meet the needs of each link in the agricultural value chain.

Our job

We develop management, consulting and decision support solutions for agriculture and the environment, which combine digital tools with a field support approach.

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